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Update My Livejournal

I haven't been writing in the livejournal. Why? I forgot I had one, and haven't had anything profound to talk about. If I were like everybody else, I would use this thing every day to complain about how much of a drag my parents are and how "depressed" I am.

I can't wait 'til being depressed isn't cool anymore. That way you all can give it back to the limbless war vets, 40-year-old virgins, and malignant tumor carriers who had it to start with.

One more thing on the same note- I bought a knife. It goes into the eye of the next person to tell me they have a sore body part, i.e. Bad Back, knee, kneck, headache. I don't know what they've been writing about me in the tabloids, but trust me, I don't have magical healing powers.

That's about all I have to say about that. I could be wrong, however. Maybe I'm just superhuman, and the rest of the people I know are fragile pussyfart bubbles forever on the verge of popping. If so, be careful...I've got a needle with your name on it.
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